Black beans – now growing them under grew lights

Sometime around the first of June, I planted about 8 to 10 black beans seeds. I was not expecting much from them. Originally, I had them on my porch. After a few weeks, maybe 3, I did not think they were getting enough sun. So I brought them inside to put them under the grow lamps. Still, not expecting much. I switched up the amount of light a few times. Currently, they have one small lamp on them with red and blue light. It is a 24W LED light I got on Amazon. They started to flower last week! I have a few bean pods growing now! From what I have read, they are self-pollinating, but generally, self-pollinating plants still need a bit of help. So I need to remember to shake the plants a few times a week to make sure I get good production. I am pretty excited to get some production on my indoor plants! I added some fertilizer yesterday since I had not added any for a few weeks. Hopefully, the beans will continue to do well!


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