Parking Lot Garden

I decided I really wanted a garden, but I live in a condo. So, I do not have a lot of space or a lot of spots I can use with full sun. ūüė¶ At the top of “my parking spot” (I do not really have a parking spot, but it is the one I almost always park in) and the one my neighbor parks in, there are some good spots for VEGETABLES!! Yay! Some of the spots get 8 hours, 6 hours, 4 hours and then none.

In the past, I have had some unsuccessful¬†gardens due to apartment living and lack of sun. One of the biggest problems was the sun’s position in the sky changing from the time I planted, with enough full sun in that spot, to the sun going behind a tree or fence. So frustrating! The plants would look great but would not have enough sun to produce fruits or veggies. The lettuces and lower light vegetables¬†did fine. Boy, did I eat a lot of salads out of my grad school patio garden!

I decided this time to plant in pots as the plants could easily be moved to spaces where the sun was still shining 6 to 8 hours a day. I planted my garden on 4/14/2017. I have already moved a few of my plants. I predict I will need to move a few more of them over into the space in front of my neighbor’s regular spot as the sun moves. Thankfully, my neighbors are cool with the plants and excited to see if this experiment¬†works. They have had a composer out back for a while, but we have only recently started to make big contributions to it. They even helped me get some water out to the plants, put in some dripper lines, and watched over the plants while I was out of town. Awesome!

I am going to keep this blog as a bit of a diary¬†how well my plants do in containers in my parking lot. I have to say, I did a bit of research before planting and really could not find much helpful information about how to do this that was not “pro” info. Well, I do not have “pro” equipment,¬†fertilizers, or goods. Since this was an experiment¬†of sorts, I wanted to do it a bit cheap in case it did not work out. There are some upfront costs, but I wanted to minimize those. I did still have some supplies from my¬†last ill-fated¬†garden. Some of those supplies are a bit useless here like the drip lines and weed screen. Others like fertilizers and sprays have come in handy. The rubber on my gloves had, unfortunately, dry rotted.

Things I did buy:

  • potting soil – I mixed up a¬†few of them: Like Miracle¬†Grew, Nature’s Care, and Black Kow.
  • plants
  • fertilizer for tomatoes. I bought¬†Dynamite Mater Magic Organic Tomato¬†fertilizer.
  • dripper for the hose which I got on Amazon
  • a couple more pots¬†– almosts all of the pots I got are the self-watering or water reservoir type. Florida gets really hot, and water evaporates pretty quickly. I also did not want to waste water as it might come out the bottom of the pot. So far so good – just watch for over watering if it rains a lot. These look like the ones I got at Home Depot,¬†but this is for 6 of them.
  • hay that I bought at my local garden store.

I think, for now, I will leave this as the introduction to my parking lot garden! I hope this is helpful to someone!