Update on Pepper Propagation

To see the first part of this story, go to this link: https://centralfloridavegetablegardening.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/propagating-gypsy-pepper-plants.

8/3 Out of the 6 pepper cuttings I tried to propagate, only 2 are still alive. They are starting to put out new shoots and leaves. I heard it was hard to get the plants to take, and I agree! My success rate was not great, but I am happy that I did not lose all the cuttings. One of them I had second thoughts on trying. Since I had the soil and space, I figured it could not hurt!

Over the last few weeks, I kept the cups damp. I had read about someone using plastic bags over their Hydrangea cuttings to keep the moisture levels up, so I tried that with the peppers. I was a little concerned about taking the bag on and off to mist the soil, so I cut a little hole in the plastic so I could drip water in. About every week and a half I would take the bags off to really check the progress. Some of them were dampening off. A few had white mold or something like that. I sprayed them but I am not sure which ones did or did not have that problem. For the last few days, I have had the bags off. I am going to leave them off.

I am going to wait until the plants look like they are really stable before I transplant them. Maybe 2 to 3 more weeks! I will have to find some space for them in my indoor garden!


Propagating Gypsy Pepper plants…

Well, I was sad to see a good size branch on my Gypsy Pepper plant snapped in a storm. I had even looked at in the morning and thought I needed to tie it to a support. Well, I did not get to it in time. 😦 I have had little luck in rooting pepper branches. I have been treating them like my tomato cuttings that I have had so much good luck with. I decided to try a different method. One closer to how I am propagating a hydrangea at the moment.

The process: I cut the stems down into 6 different sections. As far as I can tell, they all have nodes on a part of the stem. I have some OLD root hormone my dad gave me, so I dipped all the cut ends in that before planting them. I prepared 6 plastic solo cups with wet soil. I also added cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Cinnamon to help keep away any fungal problems and cayenne in hopes that would keep fungal gnats/bugs out of the plants. The solo cups have a cutout in the bottom and are sitting in another solo cup. I covered the pepper plants and cups with plastic bags. This was to help keep the moisture level high. I am a little worried it might keep it too wet. We will see!

I would be really excited if this experiment works! That would be 6 new plants!!! I will keep them inside under my grow lights until the crushing heat of FL summer is over. Currently, I do have my big Gypsy Pepper plant outside. I am watching it to see if it needs to be brought inside or if it can sustain the heat, which is in the 90s most of the time.